The Membership!

For those of you who want to go the extra mile with ME, you can sign up to become a Serhant Member once you sign up for the course. This gets you access to our private Facebook Page where my team and I will be chatting all things real estate and doing LIVE Q and A’s, access to 20 e-mail templates that I use on a daily basis to close deals, monthly updates with new tools and strategies, and my exclusive monthly newsletter.



+ $9.99/month for membership benefits.


As Part of Level 2 You'll
Also Receive...


Membership in My Private Facebook Community

Join ME, my team, and over 7,000 other real estate agents helping each other sell more by sharing referrals, asking questions, and dispensing advice. Contribute ideas and discover new strategies.


Sales and Marketing Templates

THIS is the big one. I'm giving you 20 of the actual emails and templates my team and I use EVERY DAY to close deals, follow up, and share critical information with clients. I've designed these to be plug-and-play, so all you have to do is fill in your details.


Exclusive Monthly Newsletter

The #1 real estate agent’s #1 newsletter, exclusive for YOU. I share my insight and analysis on the latest real estate news/trends; provide case studies of recently-completed multi-million-dollar deals so that YOU can use them and learn from them in real time.


Monthly Live Video Q&A

I host a private Facebook Live every month where you can ask me literally anything: Advice on a deal, feedback on a strategy, or my latest workout routine. I'll also give you the same training I do each month at my weekly Serhant Team staff meetings.


Serhant Team Agent Training Guide

This is the actual guide I give new agents the first day they join my team. Learn what they learn to CRUSH IT starting Day 1, no matter what market you’re in.


+ $9.99/month for membership benefits.